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The world’s weirdest jobs


Have you ever thought about all the different career paths that you could possibly go down? Well we have a few more career paths for you to add to the list. We have put together a list of the world’s weirdest jobs for your entertainment or even so that you can expand your possible horizons! 

Netflix Viewer

children watching tv | Job Recruiters Maidstone

 Netflix have employed one person to watch all of their content before it becomes live on Netflix. This individual is paid to watch and review all the content which is waiting to be uploaded. Moreover, this person has to assign tags to each programme, making it easier for the viewers to find programmes based on their searches.

Drying paint watcher

painter | Job Recruiters Maidstone

Right on our doorstep a man is paid to watch paint dry! The man paints sheets of cardboard and watches them dry in order to test how long the mix takes to try and records the paints change in colour and texture.

Golf Ball Diver

scuba diver | Temp Work Maidstone


One of my personal favourites out of all of the world’s weirdest jobs is a golf ball diver. This job involves diving into the bottom of ponds at golf courses to retrieve lost golf balls. A full scuba kit is essential for this career path.

Professional sleeper

sleeping woman | Permanent Work Maidstone

Now this is something I could definitely excel in! A hotel in Finland employed someone to test the comfort of their beds. The employee sleeps in a different bed each night and reviews each one, detailing her satisfaction with her sleep. 

Train Pusher

train conductor | Recruitment Agencies Maidstone

Have you ever heard of Oshiyas? Have you ever tried to get on the tube in London and it is completely rammed full? Well in Japan, Oshiyas are paid to push and cram more people into the trains. I think I’d rather walk… 

Dog food taster


This job title says it all! The people employed to do this job are testing dog food products… They compare the flavour and texture of the new dog food products compared to other dog food brands and human food. Does this mean animals and humans have similar tastebuds? 

Marmite taster


This job belongs to St John Skelton, who had tasted 264 million jars of marmite before retiring in 2016. He was responsible for checking that each batch of marmite was the correct texture, consistency and flavour! St John Skelton is definitely on the extreme love end of the love-hate relationship which marmite is famous for. 

Car number plate blocker


In order to reduce congestion on the roads, Iran has put in place a policy where cars with number plates ending in odd or even numbers dictate which days they are allowed on the road. In order to get around this, people have hired other people to walk behind their car and block their number plates from the view of the road cameras. Inventive, but would it not be easier to walk if your car is only travelling at walking pace anyway?

Water Slide Tester


Finally we have the water slide tester! These individuals check the safety, practical and fun aspects of the water slides. They provide feedback in order to make waterslides safer and more fun to ride! 


We hope that you have enjoyed our blog on the world’s weirdest jobs and have taken some inspiration from these ‘out of the box’ careers, from Earl Street Employment Consultants. 

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