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Change – Is It Time?


Change can be very scary, however,  the results of taking the plunge can be very beneficial.  Whether it’s a new job, relationship changes, a new home or how you choose to live your life.

When considering a change be realistic, very little in life is completely perfect so managing expectation will make positive changes easier to achieve.

“I was climbing the ladder of success unfortunately it was against the wrong wall”

So when do you know that it is time to make changes?

You forget you do have a choice

When you keep going but are unhappy or bored, when going to work fills you with dread or a relationship leaves you feeling nothing don’t forget you have a choice and are master of your destiny.

Allow yourself to let go of people and situations that do not make you happy. Sometimes you need to put yourself first and face the fear of change.

Letting minor irritations become major problems

The things that  make us unhappy can start with little irritations that build into something much more intense. Identifying those irritations early and acting on them can help to advert a bigger issue or change the way you respond. This can be when dealing with people and objects.

The passion has gone

When the passion and joy of something has gone it really is time for change.  If getting out of bed is a challenge rather than the start of a positive day.   If your motivation has gone off and left you it is certainly a sign that a positive change is needed in you life.

Finding something to be enthusiastic about is one of the main ingredients in the recipe for a happy, fulfilling life. A career that gives you satisfaction, people or relationships that bring you joy, a possession that makes you feel good

We all want to feel good and be positive about our lives.  If you need to make changes to achieve your happy look around you and see what changes that you need to make.  You are in charge of your happy!

Be brave – Be powerful – Be happy.

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