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Checklists: Getting your Life Organised



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We love checklists here at Earl Street Recruitment!  They help us organise our day and thoughts.

Checklist Day was created by early aviators in the 1930’s when pilots were attempting to lower the common occurrence of crashing during takeoff.  One group of pilots came up with idea of creating a checklist before taxi-ing down the runway, this reduced takeoff crash statistics greatly.


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Here’s some reasons to create a checklist:

Bad memory?  When you use a checklist at least you’re confident you will remember everything.  If it’s not completed it’s not checked off!

A list also frees up your brain power and allows you to concentrate on other more creative things.

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There is a positive element to creating a checklist.  It makes you feel like you are organised and have control over a task or situation.  Making a to-do list saves time. You don’t have to second guess if you’ve completed tasks and remembering the steps you have to take.

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Where to start?  You can create your checklist with a pen and paper or there are numerous apps out there now to help create lists (just remember to click save!).

First, you should prioritise your tasks, either into different sections or the more important items on top.

You should also delegate parts of your checklist if it is too long, after all many hands make light work!

When you feel all your tasks are complete you should double check your list.  Check it twice!

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