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What to avoid when writing your CV


It is difficult to know what to avoid when writing your CV as the do’s and don’ts’ seems to change all the time.

We have compiled a list of things to avoid when writing your cv!

Avoid using personal pronouns

Your CV should not read like a story. Each line should be concise but also should highlight the most important aspects of your life or job history. Using personal pronouns limits this and wastes space. Definitely avoid this one!

Avoid highlighting duties

When discussing your employment history or your achievement, avoid highlighting your duties. Instead focus on your achievements which will be a result of your duties. This is much more appealing to the employer as it shows that you are a person who wants to achieve more than what is asked of you.


Avoid waffling

A CV should be a maximum of 2 pages long. This means that you need to avoid waffling and sometimes even cut sections out when they are not relevant to the job you are applying for. An employer has to look through a lot of cv’s, so making yours concise yet effective will put you in a better position than candidates with lengthy cv’s. With each role you apply for, carefully look through your CV and see which experience is relevant to the role. If you want to expand on an experience then you may want to think about cutting our irrelevant experiences. However, make sure you save a master CV with everything on.


Do not include personal information

Do not include any information about your age, marital status, religious preference and so on. This information does not matter to the employer and will not influence you getting a job.


And finally… do not send an old CV!

Make sure you update your CV before applying for a job. Sending an old cv will show gaps in your employment which may not even be there. Make sure your CV is always up to date in order to show your true full potential.


We hope this blog has helped you to write a well thought and stand out CV.


We wish you good luck in writing or updating your CV, from Earl Street Employment Consultants

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