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Weird pets that you could own! | Earl Street Employment Consultants


We recently posted a blog about choosing a new pet, and gave you some practical advice on what animal might suit you. However, perhaps you’re not looking for an ordinary pet. Here in the UK there are some weird and wonderful pets that you can be the proud owner of. Read on for some examples to inspire you…

African Pygmy Hedgehog

Cute, easy to look after, and increasingly popular as a pet in the UK, these hedgehogs are gorgeous! An ideal choice if you want something low maintenance yet a bit weird!

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Micro Pig

Possibly the most adorable unusual pet you could own, micro pigs are also fairly easy to look after. You just need some outdoor space and a Council Parish holding number. They are even happy eating leftovers most of the time! However, it’s important to consider that they do actually turn into fairly large adult pigs!


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Very strange to look at, having an Axolotl as a pet will definitely turn the head of any guests you have! A cross between a fish and a lizard, this pet is fascinating to watch and caring for them is not too dissimilar to that of a fish.

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Marmoset Monkey

One of the smallest monkeys on the planet, so ideal if you’re looking for a small cuddly pet. However, despite being very cute, they are also very mischievous, and require a huge amount of attention!

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Giant African Land Snail

Not the most sociable or cuddly of pets, but these snails are beautiful and very low maintenance.

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The worlds largest rodent, with the look of a giant guinea pig. This is an awesome pet, but does require a swimming pool as its home. Perhaps not the most practical option for most households!

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Around the world, some people have chosen some very weird, and really quite dangerous pets, including crocodiles, snakes, scorpions, big cats and even camels! Depending on where you live, many of these options are illegal (for obvious reasons!), but make for some incredible stories!! What weird pet would you choose?

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