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The Garden of England


For hundreds of years Kent has been called the garden of England. We hear this phrase so often that we don’t question why? Here’s a reminder of how wonderful it is to live in Kent!…

Garden of England

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The greenery in Kent reminds you of being in the countryside whilst in most areas of Kent you no more than an hours journey from London. It’s a lovely balance of country living with the bustle of one of Europe’s largest cities.


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Flowers, flowers, flowers! We are very fortunate that any given time of the year (besides winter) there is the most wonderful, varied, array of flowers. Some of most common wild flowers in garden of England are bluebells, daffodils, poppys, harebells, roses, primroses and cowslips. Fields and fields of these vibrant colours can be seen between March to October.


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Kent has castles everywhere! You could pick a different one to visit every weekend and still not have seen them all. Each castle had a different part to play in historical events and each with it’s unique pristine gardens and landscapes. They truly are magnificent.



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Kent’s climate is one of the warmest in Britain as it’s in the south of England and closest to France. This, surprisingly to many, means that Kent produces it’s own wine.  Vineyards are started to pop up all around the county and the product is delicious local wine that is now competing very strongly with France’s wine. Go Kent!


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Wherever you visit or reside in Kent also means that you are never too far from the coast.  As with the castles there are so many beaches in Kent to choose from and once the summer hits people flock to the coast to breathe in the fresh sea air. We are lucky that from our office here in Maidstone we have many beaches within a 25 mile radius. There are perks to living in the garden of England!

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