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Office Politics – How to Survive


Office Politics

With politics everywhere at the moment we are looking at the world of office politics. Every office in the country will have their own stresses, work load, staffing and internal rivalries.  So how do you survive the office politics and make your way to the top without upsetting others on your way?

Stay Calm

Office stress can take over your life if you let it, try and stay calm and focused on your role.  Keep your cool at all times.  Do not over react to situations, take a moment to think before you speak.  Never forget your health is the most important thing you have do not let office stress take over your life.

Be Fair

Office politics can get nasty, stay focused and be fair, address inappropriate behaviours but do not belittle the person.  Do not have favourites and be fair to all equally as everybody has a role to play.

Be Kind

Show kindness to your colleagues, and encourage them to do the same to others. Kindness in a stressful environment is very important.  Be careful of what you say and do not ever get involved in office gossip it is likely to be unfair at least and could be harmful to both the teller and the victim.

Be Realistic

Office politics will happen in every workplace.  Be responsible for your own behaviour and never encourage bad behaviour in others.  Kindness and thoughtfulness in the first place and eliminate many difficult situations.

Be Happy

You send so much of your life at work make sure it works for you, if it makes you unhappy it is time to start rethink your choices, be kind to yourself always!

Make your work place a happy and safe place for yourself and others.

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