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Simple life hacks to streamline your morning routine | Earl Street Employment Consultants


Do you groan when your alarm goes off in the morning, hit the snooze button five times, and then run around like a lunatic to get out of the door on time? If so why not read on for our simple life hacks on how to get up and go like a pro…

Put your alarm clock out of reach

The process of having to get out of bed to turn it off means its less likely that you’ll end up back in the land of nod.

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Don’t press snooze!

Tempting as it is, snoozing for an extra ten minutes will do nothing except make you feel more lethargic.

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Make breakfast worth getting up for

None of us have time to whip up a gourmet breakfast each day, but its still a good idea to have something ready to eat that tickles your fancy. It might just make you shower and dress a bit quicker in anticipation! So rather than opting for plain bran flakes each day, who not buy some tasty toppings.

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Have a morning music playlist to put you in a good mood

Create a playlist of your favorite feel good songs. Not only will it help put a spring in your step, if you start it at the same time each morning,  it will also help you keep track of time.

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Pre-plan your outfit the night before

Boring as it may sound, the key to being organised in the morning is to plan the night before. So make sure you have an outfit ready to slip on. The thought of having to drag out the ironing board when you first wake up wont inspire you out of your slumber!

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Whilst these hacks will help you, a lot of having morning motivation might be down to having the right job. If you feel like the time is right to find a new job, why not have a look at our current vacancies:


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