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Should There be ‘Untruths’ on your CV? | Earl Street Employment Consultants


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A recent survey from tech experts Crucial has revealed that 14% of Brits have lied about their technical skills on a CV.  Technology is just one of the many skill sets that people have ‘stretched the truth on’ but as a recruitment agency we ask the question; is lying to obtain that job ok?

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Let’s look at things from a candidates perspective; you see the perfect job advert that could be your dream role, however… you don’t have all the skill-sets required.  Maybe re-wording your CV could distract from the fact that you don’t have the experience needed?  Or, perhaps, just add that you have this skill, who’s really going to notice? Maybe you could learn the missing skill before an interview?

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Now the employers/ recruiters perspective… don’t underestimate that these people are experts in scanning through CV’s and plucking out the relevant pieces of information.  They carefully create their jobs adverts to attract the perfect candidate.  In other words, if they are specifying key skills required or use the word ‘essential’ then typically there is no way around this and they will disregard candidates without those abilities.  Will a candidate lying to get to the top of the CV pile really highlight them in a positive light to the employer?  No.  Here’s why…

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It is never a good idea with any working relationship to start with an untruth.  Some people might just be able to mask the lie but for many specific skills (eg. IT, license etc) it’s going to become apparent immediately that you stretched the truth.  This leads the employer to question: is the entire CV fictitious?  Here’s how you get over the obstacle; do not under any circumstances claim to have qualifications that you don’t have, sooner or later you will be found out.

Perhaps instead, turn it into a positive, ‘ I don’t have this particular skill required but I am a fast learner, if given the opportunity I am confident I will acquire this new skill‘.  This is still not a guarantee to get the interview but at least it’s honest!  If there are certain job roles that keep insisting on specific skills then it could be worth investing in some further education.  Good luck with the ‘hunt’, whether it’s a job or an ideal candidate.

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