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Offices Workers | What Type Are You?


Office Workers

Most office workers are aware that they are full of lots of different personalities, so we’ve decided to break it down into the top 5 different type of people you will find in almost every office! Hopefully you have as much fun reading this as we did writing it !


The Organiser

We all know that person that loves to have everything organised way ahead of schedule and to make sure everyone has an invite in their diary so no one can forget whats happening on certain days.

The Ice Cube

That one person that no matter what time of the year it is and no matter how high the heating is turned up they will still be shivering and complaining of the cold!

The Chatterbox

Everyone likes the odd chat, right? But not every second of every day spent gossiping or having conversations about irrelevant things. But seriously we do not need to know the ins and outs of your weekend, from the minute you left the office on Friday evening to the minute you walked about through the door on Monday morning.

Your Buddy

Everybody needs a work best friend. A companion to whisper with and have a giggle with. Without realising you probably already have one! Take a look around and see if you’ve been ignoring the work best friend signs.

The Bathroom Talker

You need to wee but the minute you walk in someone starts talking to you about a deadline or about what they did the previous night or even about their toilet habits…. not exactly the highlight of your day. So therefore you avoid the bathroom at all costs in case bathroom talker is in there. Disaster!

So now the question is, which office worker are you?


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