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Maximising your LinkedIn Profile


Maximising your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn: what’s it all about, and how do I maximise my LinkedIn profile? Is it even worth having a profile?

Today’s blog post hopes to encourage you to set up a LinkedIn profile and give you tips on how to manage it so that you have the best shot at landing your dream job!

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Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all examples of social networking sites. LinkedIn is a professional networking site.

You can interact with posts on a news feed, just like Facebook and Twitter, but among friends, co-workers, recruiters, professionals that you admire, and companies you are interested in.


Why have a LinkedIn profile?

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With LinkedIn you can create a profile which works as an ‘online CV’, which anyone can view, including recruiters! You can also see how much your profile is viewed.

You can list not only your academic and work history, but also any awards or qualifications you hold. Perhaps add photos to each section: if you created something, show it off!

Recommend or endorse people for skills and ask them to recommend or endorse you!

Finally, you can join groups relevant to you e.g. a ‘Class of 1990’ group. This can be great for catching up with old friends or coworkers and finding out what everyone is up to now!


Tip #1: Let people see your profile

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Don’t waste all your effort cultivating an amazing profile if your profile visibility settings are not on ‘full’! You can do this in ‘Privacy and Settings’.


Tip #2: Discreetly signal to recruiters that you’re open

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Looking for a new role but don’t want your current employer to see? Activate this function on LinkedIn (but it is not foolproof so be cautious!).


Tip #3: Explain your experiences

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Take the time to write explanations of each experience you put on your profile, including photos where appropriate. Maybe talk about skills learned or opportunities taken.

Don’t write an essay, but stick to short, concise sentences!


Tip #4: Invest in a good photo

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Profiles with photos are more likely to be targeted by recruiters. This doesn’t mean you should post photos of yourself down the pub!

Some photographers offer ‘LinkedIn head-shots’ where you can get that perfect snap for your profile. However, there’s nothing to stop you taking your own: we suggest a white background like a wall, with professional dress!


Tip #5: Have a descriptive headline

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LinkedIn now helps you to curate your own ‘headline’, one of the first things a recruiter sees on your profile. However, it will need a bit of curating on your part!

Sum up yourself in a sentence, using key-words you think recruiters in your field are likely to search e.g. ‘Highly-skilled Social Media Manager with X years’ experience’.


We hope these tips have been useful and Earl Street Employment Consultants wishes you the best of luck with your job search!

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