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March Events, Spring has Sprung – Earlstreet Employment Consultants


Spring has Sprung.
mad as a march hare | Jobs in Kent | Earlstreet Employment Consultants

With Spring just around the corner we’ll take a look at some events that are coming up, you’d be mad as a March hare to miss them!


International Womens Day | Recruitment Agencies Kent

International Women’s Day 8th of March


The Spring annual event aims to ‘help women and girls achieve their ambitions; challenge conscious and unconscious bias; call for gender-balanced leadership; value women and men’s contributions equally; and create inclusive flexible cultures.’  With worldwide events be held to champion the day, make sure you check your local area to be involved in this worthwhile cause.


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St Patrick’s Day 17th of March


The festival is an Irish event celebrated worldwide, it’s a day where everyone and anyone can be Irish!  Wear something green and get yourself to one of the annual nationwide events held in your local area.  Everywhere from Tokyo to Australia celebrates this fun-filled day, with parades to mark the event.


Spring Equinox | Admin jobs Maidstone | Earlstreet Employment Consultants

Spring Equinox 20th of March


This is the official first day of Spring and hopefully the weather will begin to reflect this!  It is seen as a beginning and fresh start: rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth.  If your New Year’s Resolutions did not go well, here’s your chance for a do-over.  Bare trees will start growing their leaves again and flowers will begin appearing, the most famous in Spring being the daffodil.  You can come out of hibernation, the mornings and evenings will be that bit brighter.  Enjoy!  There are Spring festivals and harvests across the country to celebrate this ‘awakening’ month.


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Mother’s Day 26th of March


This is the day to honour the mother of your family although the founder of this day, Anna Jarvis, correctly stated mothers should be honoured everyday.  Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday is celebrated all over the world but many countries may have a different date to the UK.  The traditional flower to give on Mother’s Day is the carnation but the rose or lily has become increasingly popular.  Some sight-seeing landmarks mark the occasion by offering discounts etc. and restaurants always offer something extra special.

Enjoy the busy month of March and if we have forgotten any important events then let us know!

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