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Keeping Warm this Winter


Keeping Warm

As the winter weather arrives it is time to start looking at ways of keeping warm and toasty during the colder months, there are little things that you can do to protect yourself from the worst of the winter chills.  Here are some tips to keeping warm this winter.

Staying Warm

Wrap up warm, dress in layers start with thin layers and work out to your thick or bulking clothing.  It is easier to cool yourself down that to warm yourself up.

Wear a hat! Did you know 80% of your body heat is lost through your head?    Warm gloves and a scarf will help keep out those winter winds.

Avoid alcohol you may think it gives you a warming feeling but it does the opposite to your body by slowing your circulation.

Maintain your temperature once warm, it is easier to maintain your own body heat than that of your surroundings, instead of turning up the thermostat put on an extra item of clothing, keep warm and save money!

Eat and drink hot foods, a large hot chocolate or a nice warm bowl of soup are both comforting and warming. Wrap yourself up in a blanket and indulge in a warming experience.  Cook your own meals not only will you get a lovely homemade meal the oven will also help heat your surroundings!

Keep fit! Staying active and getting you heart working and blood circulating around your body is one of the best ways of staving off the cold.

If you are going to be outside for a length of time invest in a heated hand warmer to keep you warm and toasty.

Program your heating to come on short while before you get home it always feels better when you walk into a warm home.

There is nothing better than keeping warm and snug on a freezing cold winters day – stay warm.

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