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How to Change Career Paths | Earl Street Recruitment


Finding your Career Path

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During this time of the year we see an increase in people wishing to move on from their current role with many wanting to explore the possiblility of changing their job title completely.  Here’s some guidance on where to begin…

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It can be a confusing time, moving on from a career you may have had for many years.  The first decision that must be made it is: what role is right for you?  This choice is easier to make if you outline your strengths within your current job and also figuring out what you enjoy doing (very important).  If you are still unsure then perhaps type these strengths into Google and see what the search engine comes up with?  If there are no job titles that appeal to you, then it will certainly confirm what you don’t want to do.


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When you have chosen the right role then it is crucial that your CV reflects similar skills.  For example, if you choose to leave a career in finance then limit how many times this word appears on your CV and instead draw attention to other strengths (analytical skills etc).  Always have a tailor-made CV for the different job roles that interest you.  If you have a LinkedIn profile then update it, if not it’s definitely worth setting one up.  LinkedIn is utilised by many company’s and recruitment agencies to source potential candidates for roles, some target keywords on your account could mean a prospective new role finds you!

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If you find you are not be given the chance to change your career and start something new then it could be time to consider updating your skills (especially if the roles you are interested in specify certain skills as key requirements).  Going back to study need not be a daunting experience.  There are so many options available: full or part time courses in college or university, online courses or training weeks.  Something else to consider is volunteering to get the necessary experience required, if it is financially viable for you.  Good luck with the search!

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