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Hints and tips for learning a language


There are many benefits that arise from learning a language, including increasing your employability! Click here to read our blog which highlights the benefits of learning a language for your employability.

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However, learning a language is easier said than done. So, we’ve comprised a list of the most important hints and tips for learning a language, whichever you decide to tackle!

Make sure you practice daily!

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Little and often applies here. Obviously if you want to spend hours practicing, then great! But make sure you practice at least 15 minutes a day to keep up the hard work that you are putting in.

Acquire a pen pal

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Regularly communicating with a native speaker will do absolute wonders for your progress. Although learning a set amount of vocabulary each week is essential, you need to be able to learn how to put these words into sentences that make sense. Also speaking with a pen pal will allow you to pick up conversational language. You will also improve your pronunciation of words when speaking with a pen pal. There are many pen-pal websites, such as and

Download Language Apps

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Memrise and Duolingo are free apps which are very useful when learning a language as a beginner. These apps are useful if you are on the go but have a spare 5 minutes. Each of these apps have a premium feature, which contains more lessons and quizzes.

Make it enjoyable…

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When you make the language that you want to learn a part of your leisure activities, you will see dramatic progress. If you enjoy watching tv, films or reading books, then combine learning with enjoyment – this seems like a no brainer! Of course, this will be difficult as a beginner, so try watching a film or TV show in the language you want to learn, with English subtitles. This also will improve your pronunciation, and understanding of the language. This is because native speakers tend to speak a lot faster and have an accent.

Set concrete goals

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Setting realistic goals is important, otherwise your motivation can slip. Why not learn 30 words a week? or have a conversation with a pen pal once a week? By setting these goals, you will move closer towards your personal target.

Think in the language you want to learn

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We believe this tip is incredibly useful! If you think in the language that you want to learn, you are actively using your brain to understand the language. In turn, the meanings of the words will stick with you for longer.

We know that learning a language can increase your employability, however, we understand that learning another language is incredibly difficult. This is especially true the older you get.

BUT nothing is impossible! Why not try out a new language? Remember, slow and steady wins the race!

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