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Flexible working… What is it?


Flexible Working

There is no set definition for what Flexible Working is and we’re not quite sure when it started but one things for sure…. it’s taking over!



Flexible working gives employees the freedom to work around obligations and responsibilities outside of their work. There is advantages for both the Employee and Employer. It’s a craze that seems to be working rather well for more and more companies.



For employees:

It can cut down on things like travel time to and from work as well as child minding costs.

It can create a strong work relationship with your employer.

Working from home can help to boost morale and reduce stress for employees.

For employers:

It can cut down on over head costs.

It allows the employee to build up trust with their employer

It can attract more talent for the business as more people are likely to apply for roles that allow flexible working



What is required from an employer for flexible working to happen?

Internet connection


Access to company files

Mobile phone

Access to video calling



Most companies supply employees with the above items anyway. Sometimes it is possible for you to provide your own equipment and claim back payments for them but that is up to your employer.

Finding a work/life balance is  difficult for most people to do these days and is extremely important in this day and age. Getting your work/life balance under control is essential to avoiding a burnout.



Ways to find a work/life balance:

Prioritise your time.

Have set work hours (if necessary) and stick to them.

Create an at home work space.

Have personal time.

Concentrate on one thing at a time.

Take a lunch break away from your laptop/phone.



All in all there are more positives than negatives to flexible working….. So do your research, speak to your employer and you could be working from home soon!

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