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Employment Rights – Do You Know Yours


Know Your Employment Rights

Do you know your basic employment rights?  These are the standards that all employees should offer their employees.

These laws are in place to ensure that you are protected both legally and safely whilst carrying out your duties.

We have put together the most basic requirements that you should be offered.

  Contract of Employment

Employers do not always give employees contracts of employment.

Legally they do not have to, however within two months of starting the job an employee should receive a document outlining the terms and conditions of their employment.

The job title, expected hours of work, salary, sickness and holiday entitlement should be included. Further information regarding  any benefits should also be clearly identifiable within the wording.



Employees must be given an itemised payslip that shows a breakdown of their pay.

Any deductions that have been taken from the payment must also be itemised.



Employees must not be discriminated against in their place of work.

This includes discrimination against age, disability, sex, race, sexual orientation and religious beliefs.


Working Hours

You have a right to take breaks.

This includes a minimum 20 minute break if you work over 6 hours.

Also you should receive at least one full day-off during every 7 days worked.

You should not be required to work more than 48 hours per week, however  you can agree to do so and confirm this in writing.


Health and Safety

Your employer has a statutory duty to take care of the health and safety of their employees.

This includes providing a clean environment to work in, first aid equipment, protective clothing, drinking water and washing facilities.


Annual Leave and Time-Off

You are entitled to take your holiday as agreed in your contract.

Employees also have the right to take unpaid time-off to undergo additional training and attend trade union activities.

Time off should also be given to look after dependents in an emergency.

Make sure you know your basic employment rights and if you are not happy you should seek advise.

The Citizens Advise Service is a great first option if you need to discuss your concerns with somebody privately.



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