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Horrifying Job Interviews


When Job Interviews go horribly wrong

I’m sure that we have all had our fair share of job interview bloopers but some of these stories take awkward interviews to a whole new level. We have searched the internet for some of the funniest, most cringe-worthy interview stories.

Warehouse Operative Maidstone | Earl Street Employment

“The chair flew up and knocked out my two front teeth. There was blood everywhere”. The interviewee pulled out a chair which ended up flying into the air and hitting them in the face, which knocked out a tooth. Apparently, after the interview this candidate was offered the position, perhaps that makes up for losing a tooth… right?

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“When I walked into the interview, I gave every Interviewer a kiss on the cheek”. We really wouldn’t recommend this and think that a hand shake is sufficient.

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Telephone Interview

One candidate had a telephone interview for a position that they had applied for and because their parents were in the same room as them it made them feel great pressure. The interviewee kept stumbling all their words and at the end of the phone call said “Sweet Dreams”. There was an awkward pause and then the phone cut. The interviewee never heard back from the company.

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“help, they’re towing my car!”. A candidate had an interview in a room with a big window, the window overlooking the car park. Mid-way through the interview, that seemed to be going well, the candidate could see a commotion in the car park. The commotion was the candidates car being towed away. The manager interviewing wasn’t best pleased when the candidate responded by running out of the interview to their car.

Recruitment Maidstone | Earl Street Employment

These job interview stories really do sound a living nightmare and we couldn’t help but cringe reading them. Do you have any horrifying interview stories? Let us know in the comments!


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