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Earl Street Employment Consultants Assessments



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When you choose to register at Earl Street Employment Consultants (either as a temporary or permanent worker) you can do some assessments to determine your skill set.  These can be anything from: numeracy and literacy, to typing speed assessment, or Microsoft Office.  These are not tests and there is no pass or fail!  It is simply a helpful addition to our services.  Aimed to help us match you to the ideal job role.


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Self assessment is a tool we use in Earlstreet Employment through ISV to determine the skill level of potential employees.  It is a useful insight for employers and can help eliminate the candidates who may not fit into the job specifications.


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What is ISV?

ISV is the software we use for online skills testing and training.  It is used when you register for temporary or permanent work with Earl Street Employment Consultants.  You will be asked to complete this online assessment in our assigned secretarial room.  Using this tool we are able to offer you the facility to assess your knowledge across a wide range of packages including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  Either call into our offices to use our facilities or alternatively, arrangements can be made for you to access the assessments from home.  A full summary of your results will be given to you and/or emailed to you.


Admin Jobs Maidstone | Earlstreet Employment Consultants | Assessment

The assessments are also fantastic to add to your CV and will prove your skills to a potential employer.   As an employer seeking to expand your workforce, we can arrange for candidates to be tested at various levels across a wide range of skills including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  Additional tests can be arranged for Contact Centre Staff.  Also, all temporary office staff are tested as standard on Word and Excel.  We hope the information you find on our website will be helpful.  Alternatively, we can be contacted on 01622 755329.

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