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CV Trends

pile-of-cvs | Jobs Maidstone | Earl Street Employment Consultants


We get so many CV’s through on a daily basis and there are certainly some unique ones that really stand out.  There are popular CV trends at the moment that make them very memorable.

Here’s some of the top ones we’re noticing…



Graduate Position Maidstone | Earl Street Employment Consultants

Overall CV’s have become very Visual.  We can understand why.  When there is a lot of text all together in a page or two (or more) it can be very difficult to read.  A recruiter or employer will want to have all the important points obvious at a glance.

Just remember that Curriculum Vitae is loosely translated as ‘course of my life’.  Each person’s life is unique so perhaps a CV should represent this?


colored pencils | Warehouse Operative Maidstone | CV Trends

A Colourful  CV certainly stands out.  Important snippets that you want to draw the eye to on your CV could be formatted in a different colour.  However, don’t get carried away, nobody wants to try and decipher a rainbow!  Bullet points, italic or bold writing will emphasise the text also.


pie_chart | Earl Street Employment Consultants | Sales jobs Maidstone

Another trend that has been around for some time (and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere) is a CV based on Statistics.  This can be a pie chart representing the amount of years in certain job roles or years in education.  Percentages can also represent the statistics eg. 100% of my former employers will say I have a strong work ethic.  The whole CV could also be created on a graph.  These types of CV’s won’t work for every job role but for certain specifications that require analytic skills, design skills etc. then this CV would be impressive.  Choose your audience carefully.


famous company logos | Secretarial position Maidstone | Earl Street Employment Consultants

A CV that really stood out for us was one that had company Logos to represent the places the person had worked previously.  At a glance we could see their entire work history.  It was a very simple and clever format.  It also highlighted that ‘attention to detail‘ was an important skill this candidate clearly had.


order picker jobs maidstone | Earl Street Employment Consultants

Story-telling is good in a CV, as long as you don’t write a novel!  The trend is that your employment history should now be in reverse chronological order, with your most recent job first.

Everyone wants a chance to be given that sought-after interview.  Create a CV that will be eye-catching, represents who you are and allows your personality to shine through.

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