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Best Job in The World!


Best Jobs in the World

Are you looking to find the best job in the world? To help you we have come up with a list of some amazing and unusual professions.  They may not be the easiest to apply for and some of the interviews may be rather strange but the  rewards could be awesome! So if you could do any job in the world what would you choose?

Private Island caretaker – Live on a tropical island and get paid for being in paradise – perfect.

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Luxury Bed Tester – Plenty of laying about on the job with this one!

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Ice Cream Flavour Tester – Scoops of fun with this one!

Permanent Work Maidstone
Super Car Driving Instructor – Discover  life in the very fast lane!

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Professional Cuddler – Get wrapped up in this role!
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Toy Designer –  Be a kid again and let your imagination run wild!

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Video Game Player – Enter a  different fantasy world every day!

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Stunt Person –  For the brave or mad, the best job for adrenaline filled excitement!
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Professional Television Watcher –  Does never leaving the sofa appeal!


Permanent Work Maidstone


Wine Taster – Just be careful of the hangover!


That’s our pick of the best jobs in the world – what would you choose and why?

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