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Best free apps you may not know about


The best free apps you may not know about

Nowadays we all live on our smartphones and free apps are a lifesaver. Read on to find out what free apps you’re probably missing out on!

“There’s an app for that” is a phrase we hear all the time. No smartphone owner can be without their apps to help them navigate the world. Apps can do all sorts: help you calculate your budget for the month, check the weather for the week ahead, or even play the piano! So when we find out that these helpful apps are free, we get very excited!

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We thought we would compile a list of some of the most exciting free apps we’ve seen recently and let you know what you’re likely missing out on! Thank us later…



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Triposo: this app lets you personalise your trip. It offers recommendations on restaurants, attractions, hotels, and activities and features more destinations than some others. It also lets you download travel guide data for using offline so you don’t have to use data abroad! Get it for Apple products here and Android products here.

Google Translate: this app is indispensable for translating the vast majority of languages, some even offline. It also has a new feature where you can take a photo of signs or text to have it translated instantaneously, but it can be a bit iffy! Get it for Apple products here and Android products here.

We also recommend Duolingo if you want to learn a bit of a language before you get to your destination. For Apple users, it’s here, and for Android users, here.

Google Maps and Waze: these apps sometimes work together to give you updated traffic information for your route. This is especially important in unfamiliar locations! Get Google Maps for Apple here and Android here, and Waze for Apple here and Android here.



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TaoMix 2: this app allows you to create ‘soundscapes’ that suit you. These could immerse you in the oceans, with nature, or with your favourite animal. Get a quick dose of zen or use it to drift off to sleep. Get it for Apple products here and Android products here.

Oak: this app is great for guided meditation and breathing exercises to help you achieve mindfulness. You can sit in silence or with gentle sounds. Get it for Apple products here and Android products here.



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Runkeeper: you already love your morning jog, why not track your route and connect with friends to track each others? This can be a great way of monitoring your fitness. Get it for Apple products here and Android products here.

Visionist: a photo editing software which can make your photos look like they were painted! This app is only available for Apple products here.

Garageband: another app just for iPhone users, but critically acclaimed for its ability to help you turn your phone into a recording studio! This can help amateur musicians start to make their own music. Get it for Apple products here.

If you want to learn a bit more about astronomy, particularly if you want to understand tonight’s sky, then try out Night Sky on Apple. Equally, if you always wanted to try out coding but don’t fancy signing up to an expensive class, then try Swift Playgrounds on Apple or SoloLearn on Android to dip your toe…



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Saildrone Forecast: this offers you a bit more than your normal weather app! You can see weather patterns like incoming rain or heatwaves in a minute-by-minute updated map. Sadly it’s only available for Apple users though: get it here.

Pocket: this app clears away the clutter from the articles you read online, like ads or strange formatting. Get it for Apple products here and Android products here.

Otter Voice Notes: we all use our memo app for recording our thoughts on the go. This speeds it up even more by allowing you to dictate your thoughts which are typed up for you! Get it for Apple products here and Android products here.


We hope you found this article useful and are now benefiting from these fantastic free apps!

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