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The Best Companies

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The most successful companies in the world recognise the importance of keeping staff happy.  Happy employees, happy customers. Here are some of the most sought after companies to work for and the perks they offer their employees.


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It’s no surprise to see Google on this list.  With some of the perks including: campus cafés and micro kitchens (offering free food to it’s staff), cooking classes, talks at Google (with many celebrity speakers), an on-site gym, wellness and healthcare services, education and tuition reimbursement. The list of benefits is endless as Google thrives on giving it’s employees an opportunity to grow and learn.


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Facebook advocates a holistic approach to benefits and perks for employees.  They also offer free food for employers, on site health and dental centres.  In particular it stands out in the parenting department offering ‘baby cash’ to employees with newborns, maternity and paternity benefits are some of the best for employees.


HubSpot | Warehouse Operative Maidstone | Earlstreet Employment Consultants

Hubspot offer employees unlimited holidays, flexible work days and a 4 week paid sabbatical every 5 years.  They also offer healthcare and extensive parental leave, including helping with the cost of egg freezing.  Cheaper shares of the company’s stocks and tuition reimbursement.



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Amazon offers health benefits to their employees and financial security with various insurances to cover a number of events in an employees life.  A share in company stocks and a number of free resources from (every aspect of work and personal life).  They also offer a range of parental and maternal leave before and after birth or adoption. Another perk for one of the best companies to work for is additional paid time off.

There you have some of the popular and best companies to work for with fantastic benefits, but be warned most receive tens of thousands of applications every year!

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