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What to do with old Pumpkins


What to do with old Pumpkins ?

Once Halloween is over and the Trick or Treaters have been and gone, it’s time to clear away your pumpkins and start building those bonfires. But before you chuck your Jack O’Lantern straight in the bin, why not reuse your Pumpkins.

There are many recipes that involve Pumpkins.. For example Soups,Roasted Seeds even making chips from the skin.



Great news if you decided to carve your pumpkin this year, you can still use the innards to create some delicious and healthy meals.

If you decorated your pumpkin using paint, or have a few smaller sized pumpkins that you used to decorate for Halloween, then these are perfect for chopping up and roasting to include in soups and tarts, to make the ultimate warming dish.Most pumpkin recipes begin with chopping, peeling and removing the seeds and then roasting the chunks in the oven until soft. They can then be blended into soups, stirred into risotto or even baked into a sweetly spiced pie. Please see below some of the most popular recipes i have put together.


Pumpkin Spiced Latte

Pumpkin Spiced latte is always a winter favourite. why not make your own with left over pumpkins. Puree the inside of the pumpkin and add to your favourite latte for a lovely winter warmer.

Pumpkin Seeds

Hopefully when you were carving your pumpkin you didn’t chuck away the seeds! These little guys are packed with nutrients including zinc, vitamin E and fibre, so make the perfect healthy snack when roasted.


Pumpkins are equally as nutritious for birds and plants as they are for us!Lend a helping hand to your garden plants or birds by making a planter or feeder out of your old Halloween carcass.


Whatever you get up to this month, Earl Street Employment Consultants wishes you a wonderful October!


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