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Weird Food Combinations | Earl Street Employment Consultants


Weird Food Combinations are everywhere but one’s person’s weird is another person’s normal!  Here’s some questionable food choices….

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Ketchup…. on everything.  We’re not just talking savoury food items but ketchup with breakfast cereal appears to be a popular choice.  Other strange ketchup/ food pairings are: ketchup and rice, ketchup and chocolate, ketchup and ice-cream.  Some people really do love their ketchup!

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Chips; a very popular food item, but have you ever had them with ice-cream?!!  Dipping hot chips into ice-cream is more popular than you think, there are hundreds of photographs out there with people using their ice-cream as a dipping sauce for their chips.  Maybe this trend happened by accident, someone mistakenly put ice-cream on their chips instead of mayonnaise?

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Fairy bread is a popular Australian choice of food and looks quite pretty!  Is triangles of white bread with sprinkles on them, they do look tasty.

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Bread and butter with sugar; basically our version of Fairy bread.  This was a popular sweet treat in times of war and when rations were in place.  Food items like butter, bread and sugar were scarce.  Why do people still eat this combination now?!!

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Pizza with nutella or chocolate spread.  This does not sound like an appealing combination.  Sweet and savoury can go well together but this combination is a definite no from us!!

There are many other weird food combinations out there but we think we’ll stick to the ones that blend better and leave ketchup with ice-cream to other’s delicate tastes!

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