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Surprises – Do you love them or hate them?

Here at the Earl Street Employment offices, we are divided! Some of us love the element of surprise in life, whilst others prefer to know everything well in advance.

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Surprises come in many different forms. Are you throwing someone a surprise party soon? Perhaps you have a special occasion coming up and are worried that you might be the target of a surprise. Maybe you’ve had an unexpected visitor that you’ve not seen for years, or received a gift out of the blue!

Good or bad, surprises can be the making of some great memories, not to mention some hilarious stories!


When a surprise goes wrong…

Here are some of our favorite stories of heartfelt surprises that have gone horribly wrong…

  • Cake Smash… One unlucky employee rushed into the office kitchen just as his colleagues were bringing out a cake for his birthday. He ended up wearing his suprise!

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  • Intruder… a husband traveled home early from a work trip to surprise his wife. As he let himself into their house, she assumed he was an intruder and carried out a little self defense. The poor man ended up in A&E with a broken nose!

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  • Proposal Flop… a couple were enjoying a random sunny day relaxing on the beach. Little did the woman know that her boyfriend had an ulterior motive for the choice of venue that day. After a while, he plucked up the courage and pulled out a ring. He turned to his partner, and blurted out ‘Will you marry me’. Unfortunately, under the heat of the sun she had fallen asleep. She woke with a jump, knocked the ring into the sand and they spent over two hours searching for it! We just hope she said yes!

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There are countless stories that we could include here. One thing they have got in common is that they will never be forgotten by those involved!

However, don’t fear the element of surprise, just remember…Warehouse Operative Maidstone

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