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Successful Interviewing – A Recruiter’s Guide for Candidates (Part 2)


We are continuing our top ten tips on successful interviewing, with advice from our experienced recruiters.

(Successful Interviewing – A Recruiter’s Guide for Candidates Part 1)

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6. Ask thoughtful questions

Prepare some questions in advance to ask your interviewer to show you have done your research and are really interested in the nitty-gritty of the job role. Ask about recent projects or new schemes undertaken by the company and find out how you would fit in to any future development plans. Try to get information about the role that is tailored to your concerns and interests, typical examples include asking how the interviewer would describe the ideal candidate, what they have enjoyed the most about working for the company and what opportunities there are for progression. The more personal and individual the questions, the better.

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7. Keep smiling

Stay positive even if the going gets tough. If you are asked a difficult question try not to breakdown, ask for a little time to think and if you don’t know an answer then say so! Admitting your weaknesses looks much better than pretending to knowledge or experience you don’t have.  Staying positive is a great way to make a good impression on future workmates so remember to be friendly to everyone you meet regardless of how you think the interview has gone.

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8. Manage your social media

Perhaps that profile picture from your messy holiday to Malaga seemed like a funny idea last summer, but it hardly says “future CEO”. Make sure that your social media presence is professional and approachable.

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9. Switch off all screens

Turn off all your devices, whether mobile phone to smart watch, interrupting the interviewer with canned notification music from the depth of your bag suggests that you aren’t really taking the position seriously. If you really can’t switch off all devices at least put them on silent so that they are unobtrusive.

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10. There will always be surprises

You can’t prepare for every eventuality, there will be some surprise questions but it’s important to not allow this to physically show. The questions may stress you out be maintain your demeanour and answer as best as you can.

We hope these tips have been helpful and good luck with any upcoming interviews!

If you need anymore advice please contact us Earl Street Recruitment.

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