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Seven things we love about… Monday! | Earl Street Employment Consultants


No, this title is not a typo!! Believe it or not, whilst many people suffer with Sunday night back to work blues and Monday miseries, there is really no need. Here are the reasons why we like to savour this over critisised day of the week…

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1. A great day for a clean slate

Perhaps you over indulged at the weekend. Partied too hard or over shopped. Whatever you did wrong, Monday is the day to put it behind you and start afresh – no more feeling guilty!

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2. New challenges start on Monday

If you have been wanting to curb a bad habit, Monday is the day to begin. Use the weekend to prepare and jump in head first on Monday. You’ll be suprised how much more motivated you are at the start of a fresh week.

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3. A great day to start planning for next weekend’s adventures

If last weekend was a bit of a let down, Monday is a great day to plan the next one. It gives enough time to book activities, make sure friends are free and stock up on all you need to make it a belter! Planning and anticipating an adventure can be as much fun as actually doing it!

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4. You have a whole week to accomplish what you want to get done

Monday is a great day for planning and setting yourself goals for the week. Just writing a list will help fuel your motivation and feel positive about the week ahead.

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5. The best night for good TV

Apparently, Mondays are well known for being the best night for good TV programs. Perhaps TV producers assume everyone spends the night on the couch (they are probably right!).

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6. Only 4 days until the weekend!

Lets be realistic, Mondays can sometimes be a drag, especially if it marks the end of a brilliant weekend! However, turn it around – once you’re into Monday, it’l be over before you know it and then you’re ever closer to the weekend.order picker jobs maidstone

7. Most bank holidays fall on Mondays!

If all else fails, at least 5 out of the 8 public annual bank holidays occur on Mondays – surely a reason to love them!

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So, when Monday comes along, don’t dismay. Be thankful for whats you’ve got and make it a good one!!

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