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Preparing for university


Preparing for university

With A Level results day happening just recently, we thought it was about the right time for a post on preparing for university – congratulations to all students!

University is a huge step for many young people and is often your first experience living away from home – it’s completely natural to be anxious about it all! This post hopes to reduce some of your fears by offering some practical advice built up from our own experiences!

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Because there is just so much to cover, we’ve decided to split this up into a two-part post, so stay tuned for the follow-up next week!


Tip #1: Essentials

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As you’re moving into a new place, you’ll need lots of things to make your stay comfortable. Firstly, don’t wait until moving in day to buy your pots, pans and bed-linen because we guarantee all the local supermarkets will be heaving!

Another tip is to go cheap with your kitchenware. You’ll find that you start university with a full dining set of plates, cutlery and glasses… and end the year with 3 spoons and a cup that isn’t yours!

One essential to not break the bank over is stationery: there will be tons of ‘freshers’ events and careers days for you to go round and sweep up every pen, ruler and highlighter you could possibly need!

So what should you invest in? Our advice: a reliable laptop and for the kitchen, a sturdy saucepan and frying pan because they’ll never let you down!


Tip #2: Make use of any and all help!

Around the time you head off to university, your family and friends will be wishing you the best. If you get offers to help packing, shipping, travelling, or just to buy essentials – always say yes!

It’s always best to be over-prepared than under-prepared. You’ll be thankful for all the help during the stressful first weeks of university. Some parents set their children up right for the first weeks by preparing homemade frozen meals which can be defrosted during kitchen nightmare moments!

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Let’s try and avoid this happening!

Tip #3: Get familiar with basic ‘adulting’

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It’s tempting to put off cooking, cleaning, and budgeting as long as you possibly can, but you may find yourself in trouble in the first few weeks. We all know horror stories of shrinking clothes, maggots in bins, and massive over-spending in first year – don’t let it be you!

Our top tip is to spend the pre-university weeks learning how to cook, clean, launder and budget! Try doing the weekly shop too so you can navigate the supermarket as quickly as possible. When you get to university, you’ll be a pro!


Tip #4: Don’t panic!

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This is perhaps the most important tip of all. Remember everyone is in the same boat: you’re all starting from scratch so don’t be embarrassed!

A really good tip is to leave your door open on moving-in weekend in university halls. New arrivals can pop in and say hello – it’s so much easier! One of our employees met her first university friend this way and they’re still friends 4 years later!

You’re about to embark on one of the best experiences of your life so seize every opportunity!


That was part one of our preparing for university post, stay tuned for next week’s follow-up!

Congratulations to all 2019/20 students from Earl Street Employment Consultants!

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