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Preparing for university pt.2


Preparing for university pt.2

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We’re back again with the second part of our preparing for university advice for all those heading off this year! This week we’re covering friendships and more practical long-term considerations like exploring the local area and careers. We hope you enjoy!


Tip #1: Look at university resources

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You’ll often find that universities have dedicated social media run by current students and staff. It is well worth joining the Facebook pages for your halls, course, year, or campus depending on the university. There are also often group chats connected to the pages which can help you make friends before you even arrive!

Don’t forget the many societies and clubs you can join too! Often sports clubs will have taster days where you can rock up and play without any obligation to join and more importantly, without the often hefty fees to pay to join!


Tip #2: Making and keeping friends

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At the end of school, everyone promises to stay in touch but inevitably it’s really hard to do! You’re all exploring pastures new: new workloads, new environment, new friends… it’s really hard to stay in touch! The best advice we can give is to treasure those friendships you’d like to keep hold of and make the effort to talk or meet, even if it’s just checking in every few months.

While you’re on the quest to maintain home friendships, don’t forget about building new university ones! Try and be as open as possible throughout your time there and you won’t regret the relationships you make or the experiences you have.


Tip #3: Explore!

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Although you’re probably most excited for the university, its facilities, and meeting other students, don’t forget about your new town / city! Your first day at university might be a bit full to be touring around the local area, but try and venture into the locality within your first week. This is especially so if you’re going to a campus university which might be quite remote – students will often talk about being trapped in a university ‘bubble’. Get familiar with public transport too!

Why bother exploring the area? Because you’re a new local! You will be able to choose whether you vote from your home or term-time address which means you can decide the make-up of local government, you will eventually move into the local area in your second year so you may as well befriend other residents, and most importantly, you need to know where to go visit! Your first few weeks of university will be well spent if you explore local bars and restaurants, as well as local attractions like cathedrals or museums. It’s worth identifying your favourite local bar or pub as early as possible before everyone else does!


Tip #4: Careers

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In between all the packing and study preparation, it is well worth ensuring you start university with an updated CV. This might seem a bit strange so early on in your university career, but recruiters will target all students, even first years! There will even be events specific to first years, which might involve introductions to different professions. You’ll be among the most well-prepared if you come to these events dressed smartly, with a copy of your CV in hand.

Equally, it will be important to book an appointment with the university’s careers guidance team as soon as possible. You don’t need to fret! The idea isn’t to turn up knowing everything about what you want to do in your future career, but come to the meeting open with lots of ideas about different options you might like to explore. Considering your future career as early as possible means you have lots of time to make decisions and most importantly, to change your mind if you suddenly realise you don’t want to pursue a particular job. Don’t worry, it’s all part of the learning process!


We hope this two-part post was useful and wish the best for all new students starting this September / October!

Congratulations to all 2019/20 students from Earl Street Employment Consultants!

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