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Oops: CV and Email Bloopers!


Email and CV Bloopers!

It’s happened to the best of us, missing a full stop, comma or making a spelling error in an all important email or CV. However, these CV bloopers seem to be the wrong word/spelling at the wrong time and although we all tend to rely on our spellcheck tool, it doesn’t always pick up the misuse of a word!

Job Recruiters Maidstone

sorry for any incontinence” – We think, and we hope for everyone’s sake  that this was a misuse of word and that they actually meant inconvenience!

Job Recruitment Maidstone

“I am a prefectionist” – Hmm, this one backfired. If you are applying for a role such as a Secretary or Administrator proof reading and spell checking could be a major part of the role, mistakes like this can be detrimental to your application.


Jobs Maidstone

“Passionate leave” – We’ve heard of compassionate leave but never passionate leave, has HR approved some new type of leave?


Office Jobs Maidstone

“duties include chicken stock”  – A Warehouse Manager who’s role consists of Chicken Stock!


Permanent Work Maidstone

If this blog has taught you anything let it be that Proof Reading (ask someone else to read too, if unsure) before submitting that CV or sending that email is key. We did have a slight chuckle at some of these CV bloopers and admit to some mistake spellings too!

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