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Not All Heroes Wear Capes


Furry Heroes

Our pets become part of the family, and if they’re in danger you would do anything to help them.

Here are some heroic stories of pets that saved their owners lives when they were in danger… Not all heroes wear capes!

Symptoms of a Seizure

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Buddy the dog noticed that his owner Joe was beginning to show symptoms of a seizure. Using his teeth the 18 month old German Shepherd called the emergency services.

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2 year old Hannah began to choke and her babysitter was out of the room. Willie the parrot screamed ‘mama baby’ and vigorously flapped his wings to grab the babysitters attention.

Home Invasion

Roberta and her dog were victims of a home invasion by a man who was armed with a gun. The man held Roberta at gun point and the dog came rushing in to protect his owner. The dog took three shots for it’s owner! Luckily the dog made a full recovery.

Meatball Sensed Fire

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Meatball the cat saved the lives of 11 people when a fire broke out in a residential building. He continuously scratched the floor to get the attention of his owners. All the residents were able to escape before the fire got serious.

Called to the Scene

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Honey the dog saved her owner Michael when they were involved in a car accident. The car rolled had rolled over and trapped the owner Michael. Honey managed to escape from the car and ran to grab the attention of a man that was nearby and took him to the scene of the accident.

Saved from a snakebite

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17 month old Charlotte was playing in the garden when the family dog saved her from a venomous snake. The dogs heroic behaviour saved Charlotte from the snake but caused him to get bit. Thankfully the dog survived the snakebite.


These amazing stories give you even more reason to love your pet!

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