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Nine Ways to make a good impression at work


How do you get noticed in your job for the right reasons? You need to make a good and lasting impression that could lead to future promotions or a pay increase. Here are some handy tips to follow and help you establish yourself in the work place.

Remember also that body language can tell you everything about a person, make sure you don’t fold your arms defensively and to smile (yes even on tough days), this positive energy will not go unnoticed around your boss.

Use Proper Etiquette

Etiquette is not necessarily drinking tea with your pinky extended! In the work place or office, etiquette is entirely different. It is; correct phone manners, email as a professional, when (or when not) to take a personal call, how you sit, eat, etc.

Face Up to Your Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, not everyone takes responsibility for them! When you make a mistake, own it and avoid placing blame on others. Before telling your boss about the error, try and have a solution for it or better yet, have the problem fixed.

Call in Sick to Work When You Should

This is a conflicting one! Sick should be classed as ‘very unwell’ and could run the risk of infecting your workmates. It is great to muddle through and show your boss that you’re committed to your work, but no one will thank you if you wipe out the entire workforce. Take the time to recover and come back to work with new energy.

Come Through in a Crisis

How you deal with crisis is a fantastic way to impress a boss. You want to be the go-to person when it comes to crisis because you handle it calmly and attempt to resolve the issue quickly.

Know What Topics to Avoid Discussing

People apparently don’t enjoy a political debate in work or to be lectured! Stick to pleasant, unopinionated conversation, avoiding: politics, religion, and health problems and other personal issues.

Manage Your Time Effectively

Time manangement is a skill every boss adores! Create plans to ensure you hit deadlines and divide your time cleverly between your tasks.

Dress Appropriately

The photo says it all really! Even though the advice is ‘dress’ for the role you are playing, do not take it literally. Dress appropriately for your place of work and always look professional, neat and tidy.

Avoid Offending Your Co-Workers

Try not to offend anyone, of course most people would not do this on purpose, but the last thing a boss wants to do is to deal with any tension in the office. Or you at the centre of it!

Represent Your Company Well

Whether it’s a business meeting, or in your personal life, remember you are always representing your company or brand. In official business roles always think of the company’s values and ethos and display these to the best of your ability.  Particularly be mindful of Social Media, your private account might not be as ‘private’ as you think so it’s never a good idea to speak harshly about the company, your boss or a co-worker. Not something your boss will appreciate!

Following these guidelines you are on your way to making a fantastic impression with your boss! Get noticed for the positive things you do.

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