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Now that all the results are in, you maybe gearing yourself up for University? or perhaps College. Whatever you have chosen to do the next step can be quite overwhelming or exciting! If university is your choice we have compiled a short tick list of essentials to help.


Admin Jobs Maidstone

What to take?…

You’re not going to the moon, so if you forget anything don’t panic, but certain documentation you might want to make sure that you have.

Course acceptance letter, have all your letters and emails to hand

University admission letter

Passport/Driving licence, always needed for identification

Accommodation contract and terms,

Student discount cards, these can be obtained at

Insurance documents if you have any

Bank account details

Passport photos


Graduate Position Maidstone


Aim to travel light, you could be moving into a small room with limited cupboard space, so don’t over do it.  A suitcase of clothes, you will be able to wash them! plus a bag of bedding and your own towels.

Family photos are a nice touch to help you feel more at home, an alarm clock ( you don’t want to be late for any lectures!), earplugs ( you may need them!)

USB sticks, laptop and charger (all university’s will have public PC’s, but sometimes its handy to have your own laptop)



Warehouse Operative Maidstone


Coat hangers will be handy, they may not be provided but can easily and cheaply be obtained once you are there

You may want to bring some kitchen essentials such as cheese grater, tin opener, bottle opener, mug, cutlery set, plates and bowl

Hand sanitiser is always a good idea to prevent infection where there are large groups of people

Sales jobs Maidstone

Did not meet the criteria?…Don’t worry

If unfortunately you did not get the grades that you needed, you can look into Clearing.

Clearing is how universities and colleges fill up spaces that they still have on their courses. If they have places remaining, you may be accepted.

You can use clearing if you  –

Did not meet the conditions of your offers

Apply after 30 June

Did not receive any offers

Once you have been accepted through the clearing process you will be treated like any other student, no matter how you got there.

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