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National Workaholic Day | Earl Street Employment Consultants


Thursday 5th July marks this year’s ‘National Workaholic day’. A day to raise awareness of those who find it hard to tear themselves away from their desk and are never switched off from their emails.

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Are you obsessed with your work, or do you have a friend or colleague who is a self-confessed workaholic? It’s great to have a healthy enjoyment of your work. In fact, we whole heatedly encourage you to be have a positive attitude, and a bounce in your step on your commute to work.

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However, it’s important to maintain a healthy work/life balance, so here’s how to look after the workaholic in your life…

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Ask them to book a random day off

Then use the day to organise a trip to somewhere fun. Maybe the beach or a theme park? You might just show them how to switch off, an important life skill for even the busiest professional to master!

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Cook their favourite meal

It might just to entice them to leave the workplace on time in the evening and get some much needed rest! Furthermore, you’ll get plenty of brownie points!

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Create a new hobby for them

Enrol them in a course to learn a new skill. From photography courses to Zumba lessons, there are thousands of things to inspire even the keenest workaholic away from their daily tasks.

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Perhaps you’re reading this blog thinking that the term ‘workaholic’ will never apply to you? If that’s the case, maybe you’re in the wrong job. It’s really important to have a job that you don’t dread starting every morning. You spend so much of your life at work that you should invest time ensuring that you get some pleasure from it.

If you don’t get that buzz on a Monday morning, maybe it’s time to contact us and find out about new jobs that could be perfect for you. Take a look at our current opportunities at


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