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Make the most of your lunch break | Earl Street Employment Consultants


When your day at work is busy, its all too easy to disregard your lunch break. However, aside from the fact that its important to eat in the middle of the day if you plan to be productive, there are also endless things you can do to organise your life, feel good, and ensure you have renewed motivation for the afternoon!

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So as often as you can, try to move away from your post and take a break. Here are some of the ways you can maximize your lunch break….


Make new friends

Take the opportunity to mix with colleagues from different departments (either in person or on video calls). You never know what friendships you might strike up, maybe it will even lead to career progression!

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Find love?!

Apparently lunchtime dating is on the up! The beauty of it is that if its not for you, needing to get back to work is the perfect excuse to leave!

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Do something useful for mankind

Why not seek out a blood donor clinic or volunteer to spend your time making someone less fortunate happy.

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Work out

If you don’t fancy anything as strenuous as a run (a run-ch break as some call it!), a brisk stroll in the fresh air is sure to make you feel good and burn some calories on the side!

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Brush up on your general knowledge or current affairs, or challenge yourself to broaden your mind through reading. Once you’re into a book, you’ll be compelled to down tools and switch off.

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Get things done

Run errands or make phone calls that will save you valuable time in the evening or during the weekend.

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Pamper yourself

If you work in a town, half an hour is plenty of time to get a quick beauty treatment! Some salons offer walk in appointments especially for lunch breakers.

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