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Looking for a pet to suit your lifestyle?…. Read on! | Earl Street Employment Consultants


According to a recent survey, around 45% of the UK population have a pet. Are you thinking of getting a pet? Maybe you already have one and are looking for more. There is a lot to think about before committing to being a pet owner.

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Here are a few things to think about when choosing a pet…


Known as mans best friend, dogs are the most common UK pet and can bring a lot of happiness to a household. However, they do need a lot of attention, including daily walks and training, not to mention food and vet bills. There are many breads to choose from, so its important to consider what would suit the space you have at home and the makeup of your family. For example, golden retrievers and beagles tend to be very child friendly breads.

Did you know, many dog owners offer the chance to borrow their dog for a week or so. This is such a great idea if you’re unsure how it would impact on your day  to day life.

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Cats tend to be much more independent than dogs, but still require a lot of care and regular vet visits. Similarly to dogs, there are many breads to choose from. Most of us tend to opt for a traditional moggy, but apparently Burmese tend to be very affectionate, and Birman is generally thought to be the most easygoing! To buy a cat, its a great idea to visit a local charity, as they will only home a cat with a family if they’re confident it will be happy there.

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Usually kept outside in hutches (although you can get house trained rabbits!), rabbits are a fairly low maintenance pet, and also lovely to cuddle! These, along with guinea pigs are a great way to give older children their own responsibility. However, do remember that rabbits need a good sized safe space to run around (ideally on grass).

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Rodents such as hamsters and gerbils, are an easy first pet and ideal if you are a bit lacking on space. However, they do have a relatively short life span compared to other pets, which can be hard for youngsters to understand.

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Fish are nice to look at in a well kept tank, and don’t need much attention other than cleaning and feeding. The obvious basic choice are goldfish, but you may find that Betta fish are an easier pick. There are lots of very pretty tropical fish available, but beware that some are a bit high maintenance in terms of the sort of conditions they require.

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Despite being a bit un-cuddly, pets such as tortoises are very common in this country. Some live more than 50 years so quite a commitment, but have many pros such as being non-allergenic, low maintenance and great fun!

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Whilst some may be squeamish of them, insects can actually make very interesting pets. Why not invest in a stick insect, a great educational tool for children. Or if you’re a little braver, you can buy anything from scorpions to tarantulas. certainly not to everyone’s taste, but a mesmerizing choice of pet to catch!

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There are so many options for pets, we couldn’t possibly discuss the pros and cons of each here.

However, if an unusual pet is what you are after, look out for our next blog ‘UK’s Weirdest pets!’ 

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