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Is it time to change careers?


The events of late have had a massive effect on many businesses and individuals alike. As a result, people have had the time to think about whether their current job is right for them or whether it is time to change careers.


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We know choosing the right career path is difficult and can seem impossible. But once you are on one, it does not necessarily mean you are in for an easy ride. If you find yourself on the wrong career path, you may notice signs that suggest it is time to change careers. Therefore, we have written a short list of the key signs that suggest that you may not be in your dream career.



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Your happiness within your company and job role is essential. Although work will always be stressful at times, the positives should outweigh the negatives. If you are overly stressed all the time and not enjoying your work, this may be a clear sign to think about looking for an alternative career.


Low performance

bad performance | Jobs Maidstone

If you are consistently performing at a low standard and not producing the level of work expected of you, then you may not be suited to your career. Of course, if you are having an off week or perform badly once or twice, this does not mean you are consistently performing to a low standard! But if you are not performing to a high enough standard or improving in your role, then you may want to find a career that is better suited to your character and skill set. There are many online career tests that can help you to think about an alternative career.


Overwhelming workload
workload | Temporary Vacancies Maidstone

If you feel overwhelmed with your workload and are unable to decrease it, you may need to change career path. Certain jobs have higher workloads than others and sometimes people do not suit these particular roles. This is not a bad thing and depends entirely upon the way you prefer to work. Luckily there are endless career paths that you can take that will suit your preferences!


Wanting a different working environment

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If you work really well from home, you may want to look at a job that allows you flexi-time or even allows you to work remotely. I think a lot of us have realised that we either work amazingly at home, or that working from home drives us bonkers. Whatever it may be, if you feel like you are more productive in a certain environment, look for a career which allows you to do this.


Dreaming of a different job/life

Dream job

If you find yourself dreaming about another career or thinking about quitting your current job, then we believe it is time for a career change.

All in all, it is important to not be too hasty when thinking about changing your career path. However, if you have noticed some of the signs such as high stress levels and/or low performance for a prolonged period of time, then it may be time to change careers.

Finally… do not panic! Remember that is never too late to change your career path.

We hope you find the career path that suits you, from Earl Street Employment Consultants

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