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How to turn down a Job Offer the Right Way


It can be awkward, uncomfortable and scary to turn down a job offer, but it is important to be courteous and considerate to someone who has offered you a position.

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Not only does ignoring a job offer waste the employers time, but it also could potentially close doors for yourself in the future.

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If you do not want the job, do not feel like you have to accept it. Turning down a job does not mean you will burn bridges with the employer. The employer will respect your honesty.

Your lack of passion for a role will most certainly be reflected in your output. Therefore, your employer would much prefer to find out sooner rather than later that your heart is not in the job.

How to turn down a job offer…

Don’t drag it out…Mobile Ringing | Job Recruitment Kent

It is equally important to not rush your decision as it is to not leave the employer in the dark. Keeping in contact with the employer is key! Let them know that you wish to think about it. But do be prepared just incase the employer asks what your reservations are. Agree a deadline when you will let them know what your final decision is. Again, the employer will respect your honest and punctuality, which may open doors for you in the future.

Show your appreciation!

Be polite and appreciative. After all, this company is willing to invest its precious time and money into you, so show your gratitude. As a result, the experience will be a lot more pleasurable!

Do not make excuses

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By explaining why you are not interested in the job, you could be helping the employer! The employer may use your response to make alterations to the job role… or even better, make the job role suitable for you! Of course, this is not a guarantee, but definitely a possibility.

Although turning down a job offer is most likely a conversation that you would prefer to avoid, we hope that this blog post has helped you to understand why it is important to respond to a job offer and how to respond in the most effective way.

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