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How to Get your Dream Job | Earl Street Employment Consultants


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Be the Person you would want to Hire

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Work Your Way Up

Even if you don’t get hired for your dream job that doesn’t mean the job will never be yours. Look for a different position within the same company or another company.  Gain the additional experience you need to work your way up to your dream job.  Often, companies will give first hiring preference to people who are already employed within the organisation.

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Make Connections / Network

Sometimes you have to know the right people.  You can do this by attending networking events, conferences, volunteering and joining professional organizations.  Joining social media sites such as LinkedIn, allows you to make connections with other people in your field and will increase your visibility.

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Perfect your CV

While your CV might not get you the job itself, not having an excellent CV can certainly prevent you from getting an interview.  Interviewers are often looking for reasons to narrow down the sometimes hundreds of CV’s they receive.  A CV with errors, gaps or simply one that is too long could be overlooked.

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Shine during your Interview

If you are lucky enough to get an interview then now is your chance to shine.   Don’t be afraid to sell yourself (without coming across as desperate) and demonstrate the path you’ve been on to obtain your dream job.  Practice interview questions and research the company thoroughly ahead of time so you can always give an intelligent answer.  It’s essential that you leave a positive, memorable impression.

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