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Holiday blues?? … here’s how to beat them! | Earl Street Employment Consultants


However much you love your job, returning to the routine of work after a relaxing holiday period can be difficult. We have some tips that can help you beat the holiday blues and stay motivated!

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Here are our tips for beating those back to work blues:

Plan fun evenings

To help you through the first day back at work, have something to look forward to at the end of it. It might be catching up with friends, or just your favourite dinner and TV program. It will give you something to look forward to after a long day!

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Take your time in the morning

Get organised the night before, and give yourself time to get up and ready slowly. You’ll find that you’re more positive if you’re not rushed, and you might even manage to keep that calm holiday feeling going a little bit.

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It’s inevitable that when you get back you will be snowed under. Don’t despair, you can only do so much and your priority is to do it well. So spend time on your first day listing out what needs to be done, then work through it steadily. It will be much more manageable and satisfying!

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Take your lunch break

Don’t get bogged down with catching up. Make sure you have a break to clear your mind and remain motivated for the afternoon. If you work in a town, you could use your lunch break to get some holiday snaps printed – it’s sure to cheer you up!

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Arrange your next holiday

It might sound obvious, but if you can, book your next holiday straight away, or at least start to make plans of what you might do.

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 If you really can’t get back into your job, maybe its time to find something new.

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