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Healthy Working


Healthy Working

 If you sit at a desk for 8 to 12 hours a day it can be detrimental to your health and well being. Below are some simple ideas that can help improve your mind and body during your working day.

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Take Regular Breaks

Take short regular breaks, this will help you from feeling mentally and physically tired after work.  It is simply not good to be sitting in front of a screen for hours, so take the opportunities that appear to stand or move around regularly.

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Drink plenty of water

Lose weight, stay young, and get smarter, it is  also a great excuse to walk over to the water cooler a couple times each day.

Get your 10000 steps in

Ignore the lift, head straight for the stairs, park the furthest away from your office or get off public transport a stop or two early and walk the rest of the way, little changes can lead to big changes.

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Keep a supply of healthy snacks and fruit in your draw, regular snacks will help keep you focused and also stop you from attacking the vending machines.

Use your lunch break

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Use  your lunch break, firstly make sure you actually take a break and move away from your desk.  Go outside or take a stroll around the building. Get colleagues motivated and start a lunchtime walking club together.

Pack your own lunch

Bring your own lunch to work, know what your eating and avoid the canteen chips! This will also make your bank account healthier.

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Join work activities

Go bowling or set up a fitness team. A great way to not only get to know your colleagues better but also to keep fit.

Make healthy working fun whilst keeping your heart and waist line in check.

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