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Why Grandparents are the Best | Earl Street Employment Consultants



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Whether you are one, have grandparents or have made your parents grandparents; we’re celebrating every one of them!  It’s National Grandparents day on the 10th of September and here’s why they deserve their day…



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They know all the best stories (and secrets!).  It’s something to cherish when they’re gone because there’s no replacing their unique point of view on days-gone-by.  Storytelling accompanied with photographs are the best and if you’re lucky you’ll remember these stories to pass them on too.


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There’s nothing like a grandparent’s advice (when asked!) the wisdom of age means they know the best advice for any dilemma.  They seem to always know exactly what to do and say and generally just make you feel better about any situation.


Grandparents loyalty

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Spoiling their grandchildren comes with the title.  Grandchildren can do no wrong in their eyes and it’s nice to have someone who always has your back.  As a parent it’s frustrating but as a grandchild it’s fantastic!!


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Food glorious food!  How many of us remember our granny’s (or grandad’s) cooking?  Recipes have been passed down through the years as a legacy from family to family.  Sometimes it’s difficult to get the recipe correct and exactly how they make/made it.  What was that magic ingredient?  Sometimes it’s the nostalgia of that home cooking smell that takes you back and invokes happy memories.  Also they tend to be ‘feeders’, you’ll never have enough weight on you!

To all the fantastic grandparents out there, enjoy your day!

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