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Funniest Lost and Found | Earl Street Employment Consultants


Lost and found, the place of mislaid items.. some never to be recovered, here’s some of the strangest..

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Beloved pet Dexter went missing.  He’s also happens to be an alpaca! An unusual pet to have and an even stranger one to go missing.  We’re sure it’s difficult to lose an alpaca…


Human Skull

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This is an odd one to find in a lost and found department… a human skull!  This was found in a Paris train station, but it’s not as creepy as it sounds.  The city has 200 miles of catacombs which are lined with over 7 million human skeletons, some over 1,200 years old.  Yes… ok .. that still is creepy.


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One Uber cab driver found an extra passenger hitching a ride.  A live lobster was found in an Uber cab, forgotten by someone along the way.  We hope the lobster was given a nice home and not made into a nice meal..


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A microwave was lost by somebody in London.  That doesn’t sound too strange… until we realised it was abandoned in Heathrow airport!  How did this person think they were going to get it through airport security?!


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An urn of ashes was reunited with an 80-year German man 5 years after losing it.  The man was unfortunately mugged in Heathrow airport and his suitcase containing the urn with his brother’s ashes.  The urn was then dumped by the thief and retrieved by the airport’s lost property office.  After a bit of investigated (and tracing the urn to the crematorium in Germany), the man finally received his brother’s ashes.  A happy ending to a lost and found story.

Thousands of items are stored in lost property bins between airports, police stations etc in the UK each year.  If you have lost something of value you have just 90 days to retrieve it, then many items are auctioned or given to charity.  If you have lost something a bit on the strange side, you may want to just leave that lost!

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