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Dream jobs in the Sunshine | Earl Street Employment Consultants



This glorious spell of sunshine makes us daydream of jobs outdoors, here are some job possibilities…


Post or delivery person

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Aren’t most post/delivery people always cheerful?  Maybe it’s all that wonderful fresh air with the added bonus of meeting and interacting with the public.  Plus most delivery services have summer uniforms for their to staff to remain cool during the hotter months.

Dog walker

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Dog walkers get to be outdoors and spend time with their furry friends.  Of course you have to like and be able to handle dogs with this job role.


Vineyard or fruit picking

Job Recruitment Kent | Earl Street Employment Consultants

This is a popular role in most countries during the summer months.  These are temporary-only positions for when the fruits are in season but all work hours are spent outdoors.



Job Recruiters Maidstone | Earl Street Employment Consultants | Sunshine

Photography can take you all over the world but how fantastic is it to be outdoors taking the most artistic, beautiful photographs.  Everything looks better in the sunshine!


Landscape architect


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A landscape architect or even anything to do with garden maintenance is a fantastic way to spend time in outdoors during warmer weather.  Of course you must enjoy gardening and have ‘green fingers’ to fully appreciate a role like this.



Customer Service Jobs Maidstone | Earl Street Employment Consultants

The construction industry is another role that can be considered for the coveted outdoor job.  Although high-vis vests, steel toe-cap boots and hard hats are not the best attire for hot weather!

These were just a few examples of the options out there to work outdoors.  It is worth noting however that these roles may not be as appealing in cold weather!


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