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Best v Worst of Working Over Christmas


Working at Christmas: love or loathe it?  It can mean spending time away from your family but on the bright side it can mean spending time away your from family!!

Let’s look at the best and worst….


The Best

A more relaxed working environment (38.3%)

Christmas bonuses (29.3%)

Flexible working hours (26.1%)

A more casual/ festive dress code (22.3%)

 Jolly customers (21.9%)

Staff Christmas social events (18.6%)

Secret Santa with colleagues (16.8%)



The Worst 

Missing out on time with family (76.1%)

There’s little to do as work is quiet (25.4%)

Working longer hours (19.3%)

Irritable/ stressed customers and clients (18.6%)

Having to listen to Christmas songs (15.6%)

Missing out on Christmas parties (13.3%)

Being made to wear festive clothing (6.4%)

Having to train temporary Christmas staff (3.1%)





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