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Benefits of Work Experience


Work Experience

Work experience is something most students get assigned during their time at school, college or university. Usually a week away from studies so students can experience the world of work.

Stepping Into the World of Work

Is a great opportunity to experience a working environment with people who work the job day in and day out. Most placements take place across a week and at the end of the assignment student will reflect and report back on their time and what they’ve learnt. Due to matters of Health and Safety most people are limited to what they can do. During the week they will shadow working professionals.



There are many benefits to work experience they are as follows:

Get a feel for the environment
Gain knowledge on that career 

If it’s a career you’re looking to go into, your time at a placement is the ideal time


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Work with Professionals

Who better to learn from working professionals. It’s the perfect chance to learn and take notes on what they do.

Learn New Skills and Improve Old Ones

While at your placement

Something to Put On Your CV

You may not have been in employment but it is still experience you have had. The duties and skills you develop during your placement is all details to put on your CV.


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Time At Your Placement

Ask Questions

It’s important to ask questions, especially if you don’t understand something.

Take Notes

While at your placement it is important to take lots of notes. This helps you remember important things and reflect back on what you’ve learnt.

Ask for Feedback

At the end of your assignment ask for feedback on how you did. This helps you understand what you did well on and what you need to improve.

Be Focused

Take in all that you are learning.

A final benefit of work experience is that you never quite where it could lead to; a potential job offer, crucial contacts, a glowing reference etc. It’s definitely worth trying!


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