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A Tribute to Bertie


A tribute to Bertie the Earl Street Office dog, who is missed by everyone who knew him.

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Bertie was a Springbatt, which is crossed between a Springer Spaniel and a Basset Hound. He wasn’t as stubborn as a Basset or as scatty as a Springer.

Adopted by our Director, Elaine in July 2009 he quickly became part of the Earl Street team. Above all, he certainly was a lovable character with his happy cheerful nature. He loved coming into the office to see everyone, he enjoyed all the fuss we gave him and the treats we fed him from the cupboard!

He had an amazing sense of smell and could sniff out a sandwich from the other end of the office.

We have been reflecting on out fondest memories of Bertie’s visits to the office.

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New Friends Share Lunch

Within the first few weeks that Evelyn started working at Earl Street, Bertie had decided that all new friends should share lunch. Leaving her bag unattended, a rather mischievous Bertie picked out Evelyn’s lunch. He ate all the meat and the wrap but left all the lettuce!

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Always By Your Side

A friend for life, especially if you had treats! He would always be by your side, even if that meant following you to the very top floor and sitting beside you with puppy dog eyes all day!

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A Hero

With his sense of smell and intuition Bertie located a man who had collapsed in some bushes on his walk, this alerted people to help the man.

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Lover of a Loaf

A loaf of fresh bread had been left in the hallway along with some other shopping. Finding the smell too irresistible, Bertie removed the bread from the shopping bag and helped himself to a feast.


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