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A day in the life of an Editor | Earl Street Employment Consultants


What is an Editor?

In summary, an Editor is someone that oversees a publication and its writers. An Editors job can vary very much on a day to day basis. Editors plan, write and edit what content should be written by gathering information, researching, proof reading and keeping on top of news trends.

A day in the life of an Editor

We understand that there really is no ‘typical’ day when it comes to being an Editor. Below are some tasks that, generally, you would expect to complete on a day to day basis.


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Start up the computer in the morning and check to see if you have any urgent emails or any upcoming deadlines. Read new and relevant material for inspiration on future pieces. Attend any meetings that are set for the day with Team Members, Journalists, Authors or Freelancers.


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Proof reading, proof reading and more proof reading! This ensures that everything published is correct, makes-sense and whatever is being published reaches its full potential.

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Sign into all your Social Media accounts, share that story and be social! Social media is a great way to boost visibility and also a way to keep up with what is trending in the world.

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Approach new and relevant influencers and secure interviews and opinions to write about for future pieces. Keep on top of the trends to ensure that everything published is relevant and good reading material.

Above is the ‘average’ day an editor can expect to have. However, there are different types of editors and therefore the work carried out can vary greatly.

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If you enjoy reading and writing, have great English skills and attention to detail, this could be your dream job?! 

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