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Fireworks Night – We didn’t know that!!!



Most of us as a child were told the story of Guy Fawkes and how his plan was scuppered to blow up the houses of parliament and kill King James I, for more than 400 years now we have celebrated by ooh and aahing at fireworks whilst a guy is burnt on the fire, but there are many things about this event which we did not know.  Let us enlighten you!

  • There were actually thirteen people involved in the plan.  The mastermind behind it all was actually Robert Catesby, an English Catholic.  Guy Fawkes was just the man to light the fuse, he was picked to join the plot as it was thought he would be less conspicuous as he had previously served in the Spanish Army.
  • An ample amount of gunpowder was actually planted in the cellar of the parliament, if the explosion had happened it would have not only destroyed the building but caused damage within a one mile radius.
  • Up until 1959 it was illegal not to celebrate Guy Fawkes night.
  • St Peters School in York was exempt from this law, as Guy Fawkes attended the school as a child, in respect for their former pupil they refused to take part in the burning of an effigy of him.
  • After Guy Fawkes had been arrested the other conspirators stole horses from Warwick and fled to the Midlands in a final attempt to make a stand.  Following the journey, the gunpowder they had with them was damp and whilst trying to dry it out it exploded blinding one of the plotters, John Grant.
  • The fate of the conspirators following their confessions was to be hung until near death, their testicles to be cut off and burnt in front of them, their guts taken out and lastly the heart removed.  Guy, otherwise known as Guido, escaped this demise as he jumped from the scaffolding breaking his own neck.
  • To this day the Houses of Parliament are still checked by the Yeoman of the Guard before the state opening



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